Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Glimmer and Sparkle...

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that can never be taken from you."– Oscar Wilde

It sits in a dark place, quiet now, tired from holding in so many memories. Lifeless, yet still glimmering with the remembrance of the happiness, emotion, and passion it once experienced.
The color resembles sparkling champagne in a crystal flute and the softest pale the keys of a well-played piano.

Recollections of the day are embedded in the carefully crafted threads and ornate fabric, like precious pearls worn dear to the heart.

A bit frayed and mottled from endless hours of spirited dancing, it still holds the gleam of bliss and contentment.

It remains fragrant with the perfume she wore that day, and the tenderness with which she was held—not only by her beloved, but by others who love her—can still be felt.

The man she loves had cast his eyes upon this garment—and her—with the utmost affection and adoration, tears spilling from his eyes. She will never forget the moment his breath was taken away.

From time to time, she gazes at its beauty (so pretty, still!) and remembers every smile and nuance of the day. Perfect in every way, each moment a sparkling jewel. A glance, a secret smile, a child’s laughter ringing out with pure joy. A kiss, a cherished dance, a tearful exchange amongst friends. She takes great care of these memories, knowing she can never relive them again.
It hangs tranquil. Yet it is full of promise and hope, representing the future and all that it holds. It represents a link to the extraordinary past and the promise of a remarkable new life.
Her wedding dress exists now to symbolize the glimmer and sparkle that life now offers…

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